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Work/Life balance : Start the week with a Paddle

Paddle Guy insights :

Work Life Balance – how kayaking helps me to achieve this balance

This is the first of many insights I want to share with you from my journey… first up is the all important work life balance. This is from my perspective as father of a young family and a busy work schedule trying to find balance and time for myself to gather strength, motivation and regular  inspiration, I am sure other situations can relate to this. For many young families this is balance is always a hard, for me it is about balancing self employment, which has its share of Positive vs Negative moments and valuable family time.

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM9NjeIZ_u8″ width=”600″ height=”400″]

This morning the weather was glorious… after a cold wet weekend indoors  we start the week with the usual crazy rush to get kids off to school then get ready for work ( try to eat some food on the run, scull a cold coffee 🙂 ..it would very easy to just jump straight in to the week at this pace …its at this moment I stop and get the kayak ready for a quick paddle, for me getting outdoors up close with nature is the balance I need for myself to find the focus and feel like I am giving myself as much time as I give to others.. I live close to the Ocean for this reason so I can be in touch with what really matters, simple quiet time at one with nature to recover and re energise myself

My tip for you is to make time for yourself at the start of the week, what ever you Nature moment is make it happen as often as poss even if you only have time to put your feet on the sand on the way to work or sit in the garden listening to the birds…I don’t start every week like today but that is my ongoing goal to star not just every week but eventually every day like this…just a little time for yourself can go along way for what you can offer your loved ones, friends and employers

Have a great week and I hope you enjoyed the video above, this trip was from today here at Stanmore Bay NZ,  no longer than 1hr from home to finish so does not take too much of the day…some pics from the session below

All Photos and video were taken on my Panasonic Lumix FT3


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  1. Annie Walker

    Paddling in the winter is the best! You are right Jason, fabulous way to start the day and aren’t we blessed to be living on the coast.

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