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Home Recipes Smoked Green Lipped Mussels … recipe

Smoked Green Lipped Mussels … recipe

I have just tried this recipe for the first time and can’t wait to share it…those that have already been smoking their green lipped mussels will understand why I am so excited to share…

photo 1

What you need

–          Fresh Green Lipped Mussels in the shell

–          Fresh Limes

–          Olive oil

–          Garlic Butter

–          Sweet chilli relish

–          Frying pan

–          Hot smoker

First step gather some green lipped mussels, I got mine recently while out fishing with the kids, some nice big fat natural Green Lipped Mussels off the rocks. Fish market mussels will also suffice 🙂

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Next scrub the outside of the shell under fresh water then lightly steam until the shells have just opened then remove from the heat and drain the water. Detach mussel from the shell then lay in half shell.

photo 2

Now add the following ingredients to each mussel in its half shell. Light drizzle of Olive Oil, Garlic butter, Sweet chilli relish and finish each with a squeeze of fresh lime. This not only adds flavor to you mussels but also retains moisture when you smoke them.

photo 3

Then place in the smoker ready for a light smoke, I use Manuka shavings and found 10 minutes was more than enough in the smoker… once they have been smoked for 10 minutes get your fork out and enjoy!

photo 3 (2)

Milan my 9 year old son and I sat outside eating these straight out of the smoker under the moonlight and stars. Great way to end father’s day weekend. Thanks Mike for the suggestion. This is the only way I will eat fresh Green Lipped mussels from this point on…simply delicious!!

photo 4 (2)

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