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Adventure Technology Oracle Paddle review


Since purchasing my first Adventure Technology paddle from Fergs Kayaks in Wellington over 2 years ago I have been very happy with the experience using this brand, the 2 paddles I purchased back then are the Odyssey Glass and the Exodus Fishstix both with ergo shaft. These blades have been great for my recovering shoulder injury where they offer enough bite to in most environments without putting too much load on my shoulder.

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I have now fully recovered my shoulder and getting back into more shorter paddle trips with higher intensity to get stronger with the intention to spend some more sessions in the surf. It’s with this in mind that the new Oracle paddle from AT Paddles peaked my interest, it’s the latest design in the AT range of advanced touring paddles with the blade design adapted from the AT Whitewater paddles. What this means for me is a paddle that is going to be more ideal for aggressive paddling both in surf and in high intensity training paddles.


After my first couple of paddles I am pretty reassured that it will do all it claims, powerful stroke, less flutter, better stability when bracing and rolling and better suited for aggressive paddling with high angle strokes. Again I have gone for the ergo shaft as this seems to help with reducing the irritation to my shoulder and is easier on the wrists fr me. The Oracle glass is well priced for a top end paddle at NZD$ $280 for straight shaft & NZD$350 for ergo shaft and is incredibly light even with the 2pce adjustment.

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I look forward to using this paddle a lot over the season and recommend you get in touch with the Guys at Fergs Kayaks in NZ for a test paddle with this blade if my reasons for choosing it are aligned with your needs. I will still continue to use the Odyssey paddle for my longer touring or kayak fishing trips as this for me is a more efficient blade for longer distances where I don’t require as much power…

Which paddle of the 2 would I choose to own if I could only have 1 ? 

Based purely on the fact that the majority of my paddle trips these days are shorter day trips I would choose the Oracle with its bigger power face. You can find out more here at Fergs website AT ORACLE PADDLE

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  1. Leo

    Hi, Im interested in finding out what size your Oracle paddle is?

    Thanks for all your vids


    • Hi Leo..apologies for the delay.. I am using the 220-225…I prefer 215-220 but thats all they had in stock at the time..seems to be OK but would like the 215 in surf work when in sea kayak

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