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Home Product reviews C-Tug Kayak trolley, the best all round kayak trolley. Review paddleguy.com

C-Tug Kayak trolley, the best all round kayak trolley. Review paddleguy.com

That’s right, the C-Tug, in my opinion is the best all round kayak trolley available today. I have been using the NZ Made C-Tug trolley for over 6 years  and for many of those years i have been involved in retailing of kayaks and other trolleys .. the C-Tug has always been by far the best of the bunch and it just got better! I just upgraded my 4 year old C-tug to the new puncture free wheels and what a difference!…these have been available for some time, pumping up the other pneumatic wheels was just too hard… you can see just how good these wheels performed on my first use in the below video…

Key things I like about the C-Tug

  • one simple strap to secure it to your kayak
  • adjustable pads suit so many hulls..in fact i am yet to find one it does not work on
  • breaks down and fits in most hatches
  • strong construction, reliable…mine is 4 years old and gets more use than many
  •  long adjustable strap gives the ability to fit around very wide kayaks or canoes and even 2 kayaks.
  • Plastic construction will not rust and fail you like cheap alloy models
  • rubber pads protect your kayak
  • NZ made!

See below pictures from my first use out in my Barracuda sea kayak rigged for fishing… trolleys are essential when kayak fishing or loading up your kayak with gear…you can simply rig the kayak along side the car then walk off down to the launch point… I have seen many a consumer come back to me after trying to save a few $$ with a home made trolley that inevitably fails them..then cost more time in the garage and less time on the water… “Just Pull it” find out more about this great NZ made product here –  C-TUG 

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