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Chill Pod by Viking Kayaks NZ

Here’s a great product I recently had the chance to trial on a snorkelling trip in Wellington.. the Chill Pod made by Viking kayaks NZ is designed for the rear tank well of their popular Pro Fish fishing kayaks… For many years I have been using my kayak as a platform to spearfish and snorkel for other tasty treats from the ocean such as crayfish & scallop’s to name a few.  As we are blessed here on NZ coastline many times I need only to snorkel off the beach and a short swim to some great spots for a bit of hunter gathering…on these occasion the kayak is excess to requirement’s…enter the Chill Pod!..

[image align=”center” lightbox=”true”]http://www.paddleguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/P1000227.jpg[/image]

I am sure I am not the only spear fisherman out there who is looking for an alternative to towing your catch in a bag dangling in the water (potentially leaving a nice burley trail!) I took the chill pod out with me while looking for Paua (Abalone) and crayfish off the coast of Wellington and have to say I was most impressed…very easy to tow behind you while in the water, easy to access and open from in the water . Very stable in close to the rocks…on this occasion I only used it for  Paua but can see how good it will be for loading fish also… the simple addition of a Railblaza Starport and Flag Pole would make it easy to mount a dive flag for safety.

[image align=”center” lightbox=”true”]http://www.paddleguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/P1000198-Copy.jpg[/image]

As the Chill Pod was not designed to fit in my Barracuda Fish Pro I had to tow it like a trailer for most of the trip, (which I do not recommend doing in Wellington area where you have the Cook Straight currents to contend with!)  Obviously creates a bit of drag but not too bad if only on a short trip. I can see me using this on occasions where I have my kayak anchored and want to explore a reef and/or when I am snorkelling straight off the beach…check out the video below which shows the pod in action on this trial… also take a look at the following link to more info on the Chill Pod from Viking Kayaks  http://www.vikingkayaks.co.nz/shop/kayaks?product=131









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