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Lifeproof iPhone case with New Lifejacket

lifeproof case with lifejacket

While doing some window shopping today my attention was drawn to a Lifeproof display in a local Apple store…$100 + later I have myself what could be my best solution to protect my iPhone on the water, the Lifeproof dry case and new lifeproof Lifejacket (the bright orange outer in the pics). I have been using the DriPhone and a couple of other cheaper dry bags with the zip lock system, however both have issues..the DriPhone case is dry, but when fingers are wet you cant use the touch screen functions on your phone through the silicone.. same issue for the dry bags +  they steam up inside with the slightest bit of moisture..neither are good solutions for my iPhone which is an important part of my professional life…

Enter the lifeproof case and lifejacket… I have researched the Lifeproof case for a while and they seem to have a mix bag of results, some of the negative results are due to the regular opening and closing of the case and people not paying enough attention to the O-ring style seal..My intention is not to use the case  under water so hope not to experience these issues and with all the camera work i do on the water I have a pretty thorough procedure when it comes to electronics and water proof cases.


I needed a case that will let my iPhone function as it is intended,  protect from wet fingers, the occasional splash from wave, paddle or fish :-) and the ability to float should I drop it…That’s when the orange Lifeproof Lifejacket got my attention..the one I purchased is designed for the iPhone 5 however my iPhone 4 fits fine with the only function not ideal is the position of the camera (slightly covered by the lifejacket ) ..but as I will always have a camera out with me I rarely use the iPhone for taken pics on the water…and as the friendly sales assistant pointed out, when I upgrade to the 5 I will already have the Lifejacket 😉

the lifejacket has openings to allow access to all the outer functions of the phone such as volume… it has a lanyard position on all 4 corners so you can easily attach one of the 2 lanyards supplied, neck strap and wrist strap. It is made of durable, high vis foam that even my kids will find hard to destroy (don’t let the dog get it though!)..

IMG_4771 IMG_4772

Stay tuned over the next few months and i will update / give further feedback on my findings using this combo to protect my iPhone..find out more about the Lifeproof products by clicking the logo below, and as always comments and feedback are welcome especially those who have used this product, I am keen to hear & share your thoughts


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