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Home Product reviews Railblaza Pro Series Camera Booms | Product Feature Paddleguy.com

Railblaza Pro Series Camera Booms | Product Feature Paddleguy.com


If, like me, your looking for a versatile way to record footage from the new GoPro Hero3 or other camera, this product feature is going to be of interest to you

Pro Series Boom Mounts

An exciting new addition to my Railblaza kit is the new Boom Mount Pro Series. Railblaza have listened to the market feedback from users of the successful Camera boom 600 & Boom mount 150, to bring us the new pro series camera booms.
The versatility of the new boom 600 & 150 will ensure we can get the best angle every time. Both booms have the ability to give you 5 axis of adjustment, the 5th axis has been added to allow for horizon adjustment which was not available with the previous booms. No matter where you have fitted your StarPort mount you can always get a level horizon.

GoPro HD3 with RAILBLAZA Boom mounts03GoPro HD3 with RAILBLAZA Boom mounts02

The boom 150 offers several different options as it can break down into 3 parts which are all usable either with the camera platform or to be re tasked for other accessories. This gives you a few different height alternatives as you can see in the pictures below.

boom 150 options

The platform at the top of the booms now allows you to simply peel and stick GoPro mounts or similar. As per the previous versions the tripod screw is standard which works well when using the GoPro tripod mount. Also new to the platform is 2 lanyard attachment points which I recommend using to protect your camera just in case.

Boom Platform

The Camera boom 600 is the option for those over the shoulder shots or any situation where you need some extra height or distance from your camera, having the horizon correction axis really does make the 600 complete. When looking for even more height what I found also works, with this new removable platform system, is plugging it directly into the top of the TelePole 1000 which extends to 1meter

GoPro HD3 with RAILBLAZA Boom mounts16
Here’s shot showing all 3 mounts I will be using over the coming summer here in NZ to share some of my adventures on the water…clink on the links below to find out more about the new Pro Series Boom Mounts from RAILBLAZA

GoPro HD3 with RAILBLAZA Boom mounts22 - Copy

More info on the Pro Series Booms HERE



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