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Railblaza TracPort 350 product feature


One of the latest additions to my box of kayak fishing accessories is the RAILBLAZA TracPort 350..this is a compact version of the TracPort 500. Where the 500 needs 2 StarPorts to attach, the 350 only requires one StarPort mount and offers 3 StarPorts. making it a great compact workstation when mount space is limited on your kayak.

Barracuda Fish pro stanmore bay

All Railblaza accessories can fit into the TracPort 350,I have a single StarPort on the center console lid , this makes the perfect position to mount the 350, then I fit my Garmin Echo 300c sounder which is mounted to the rotating platform, mount my Garmin GPSMAP using the Mobi mobile device holder and for the spare StarPort I can switch between Boom 150 camera mount, cup clam drink holder or adjustable extender with G-hold to hold a torch.

RailblazaTracPort 350 Garming 300 echo, garmin GPS, iCom VHF RailblazaTracPort 350 Garming 300 echo, garmin GPS, Dorcy torch RailblazaTracPort 350 Garming 300 echo, garmin GPS, Boom 150 with GoPro

These photos and footage are taken from my first session using the  TracPort 350 where I landed a nice 79cm snapper in very shallow water just after dark…I used the Garmin Echo 300c to locate fish in the shallows, no more than 4meters, then floated fresh cuts of bat over the reef a a drifteed past the fish located on the sounder.

71cm snapper lande in the shallows Paddle guy with 71cm snapper Brag Mat snapper

Here is some more info on the TracPort 350 taken from the Railblaza website…if your looking for a simple and affordable compact work station to hole various accessories I recommend the TracPort 350 from Railblaza..check out the Railblaza website here –RAILBLAZA.COM


The TracPort Dash 350 turns one StarPort into three. Supplied with our new StarPort Bridge Support, it will lock into place on your StarPort firmly, and increase your work space.

Part Numbers

03-4103-11 TracPort Dash 350: 500mm extrusion, 2 x endcaps, 3 x Starport/TracNut Combos, 1 x StarPort Adaptor, 1 StarPort Bridge Support, all fastenings.

Construction Materials

Extrusion – Anodised Aluminium

StarPort AES – (Acrylonitrile Ethylene Styrene)

Gasket: Santoprene

Accessories: 15% glass-filled nylon

Stainless Steel Fasteners

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