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Home Product reviews Sandtrakz C-Tug Kayak trolley review

Sandtrakz C-Tug Kayak trolley review

The new Sandtrakz wheels from C-Tug Kayak & Canoe trolley is one product that is making my life easier and does exactly what it says it does. Watch the footage and my review below to see for yourself.


I have to contend with soft sand when launching my kayaks off the beaches, heavy fishing kayaks and soft sand don’t mix well. Enter the Sandtrakz wheels which do exactly as they claim below –

“When it comes to moving loads over soft sand, wider wheels are not necessarily better. Bulldozers and military tanks use long tracks, reducing the chance of them digging in.

Sandtrakz wheels by C Tug Kayak trolley 1

SandTrakz puncture free wheels mimic this track system, the outer rim compresses when in use giving a longer track length. On soft sand this reduces how hard you have to pull to move your trolley by more than half compared to standard puncture free Kiwi Wheels

They certainly make it possible for me to get my kayak and gear to the water’s edge without huge effort and I can still break down the trolley and put it in the hatch rather than have to walk back to the carpark (which can be 5-10mins away at times).

DSC_1502 (Copy)

Which wheels do you buy?

Both for me, the standard hard kiwi wheels have been fantastic for me over the years and will continue to be of use when I am not in soft sand. If you already own a C-Tug buy a set of the wheels separately, if your contending with soft surfaces more often than not then buy a C-Tug trolley with the SandTrakz wheels, they are capable on harder surfaces also.

IMG_9475 (Copy)

Find out more and where to buy here – Sandtrakz C-Tug Kayak & Canoe trolley

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