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Home Product reviews Stealth Kayak Pro Fisha 575 Review part 2 of 4, flat water trial

Stealth Kayak Pro Fisha 575 Review part 2 of 4, flat water trial

This is my 2nd paddle in the Stealth Pro Fisha 575, for this session I am taking the Stealth for a paddle on some flat water in the Orewa estuary. I have my Garmin GPS  mounted to the deck  using the Railblaza Mobi holder to track the speeds. this session was much more refreshing than my first paddle in the Stealth, this time around I get a better feel for the kayak, it has great hull speed on the flat water  and it is easy to make distance even paddling up current

I head out through the estuary mouth to see if there are any waves to play in and sure enough there are still some small waves around..these waves were great to play in and you can see how easy the Pro Fisha picks up little runners to make for some fun paddling.. the Pro Fisha has good hull speed and even paddling up current I found it easy enough to get the hull up to speed and maintain it…watch the video below to get a better feel for this session.. Part 3 coming very shortly


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  1. Steve

    Thanks again Jas for another top video. I have the shorter version, the 475 inbound, cant wait!

  2. tony nicholls

    I have just ordered the 475 with delivery in March. Can t wait. If you get yours before March please let me know how you find it. Thanks Tony

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