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Home Product reviews Stealth Kayak Pro Fisha 575 Review part 3 of 4, rough water trial, self rescue test

Stealth Kayak Pro Fisha 575 Review part 3 of 4, rough water trial, self rescue test

This is my last session paddling the Stealth Profisha 575 before handing it back to Russell (Part 4 and final will be an overview of my time trialling it and a coverage of the deck lay out I have set up for Russell)  ..for this session I take it out at my local beach, Stanmore Bay,  with 25knots + onshore creating a short choppy swell, this will be a good test on how it will handle as these conditions are regular here in the Hauraki Gulf..perfect conditions to practise falling out and getting back in which you will see in the video.

You will see in the video below that the Profisha handles the conditions reasonably well given the length of it (the short chop meant the bow was on one wave and the stern on another  leaving the cockpit in the trough!) ..with little to no rocker this was a good test, the skeg rudder played a big roll in helping control the kayak as did the solid/stable secondary edge when railing was required…paddling out was easy enough and the cockpit drained quickly .. as expected from such a flat hull there was some hull slap on the back of the waves….

I jumped off the kayak out in the swell and chop to see how easy it was to get back in.. piece of cake!..see the video for yourself, about mid way through I have put the self rescue section… all in all this was another fun session in the Profisha and I reluctantly hand it back to Russell…really wanted to take it for a fish but it seemed wrong to bloody his brand new kayak before he had a chance…Please watch the below video from this session, it will tell you more than my words can…  if you missed part 1 & 2 you can check them out HERE

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  1. this is off topic, but Jas do you think you would be abel to do a review on a “Ocean kayak prowler ultra 4.1”, same as like you have done with the stealth kayaks

    • Hi James… I would be happy to one day..I have a few other kayaks that are of interest to me for reviewing first..If I have time and can access one for review I will do. I have paddled the Ultra 4.7 (owned one for a day or 2, but sent it back because it did not suit me..too heavy and seat position was not suited for me) ..and have seen the 4.3 enough here in NZ to have a fair Idea of how it will handle but you never know till you actually paddle it…I spent many years paddling the P13 & P4.5..they are both good kayaks and the 4.3 seems to have taken all the good things from these older models, added some new bling..Boom Shanka!.. thanks for your time

  2. Peter

    Great review, thank you! I am in a dilemma of deciding between a Dorado II or the new Stealth Pro fisha 4.75. Use would be in south Africa about 50 % in river estuaries with mostly flat water and 50 % in the ocean launching in some reasonable size surf. Main objective is fishing, as I am not (yet.) an avid kayaker for the sake of paddling only. have read all reviews (twice!) and sounds like the kaskazi would be a better paddle with no hull slap while the stealth is the better option for fishing and surf launches? Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

    • Hi Peter..thanks for your comments..unfortunately I do not know the Kazkazi models all that well so would be wrong to comment…get out there and paddle them both in the flat and surf launch..that’s the best test to see what you will suit better.. any good agent for these two brands will allow you this kind of test paddle. good luck hope that helps.

  3. Fantastic to see you handle that big yak. I’ve got one ordered. I’m hoping it’s a little better suited to rough water than you suggest, otherwise it’ll be sat at home more often than not! 🙁

    • Hi Kester, thanks for stopping by…Mate you have purchased a great yak!..dont be concerned about the handling, like any craft, the more time you spend in it the more familiar it becomes and the easier to paddle in all conditions… short choppy stuff like this session is always going to be more challenging in long kayak built for speed compared to a shorter kayak built for manoeuvrability …its all about compromise and the 575 handles these conditions pretty well (remember this was only my 3rd time in it, with more time in the kayak it would be more familiar and even easy to handle) … thanks again.. get out there and have fun in your new Stealth!

  4. Ross Kushner

    The music is nice, but it would be helpful in evaluating hull slap if you were able to hear anything other than the music.

    • best you take one for a paddle to evaluate the hull slap and if it will be of concern to you..yes there is hull slap (flat hull will do that) but to be honest it did not bother me…small compromise. Cheers

      • Ross Kushner

        I have a Stealth kayak, and I find the hull slap very annoying. Noise, or the lack of it, is an important kayak feature, particularly for fishing. By covering this up, you are failing to review the boat properly. With the Kaskazi kayaks you get the same speed, but not the hull slap. Why compromise on that?

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