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Home Product reviews Stealth ProFisha 575 Review | Final

Stealth ProFisha 575 Review | Final

So after many months I have finally found some time to wrap up my review of the Stealth Kayaks ProFisha 575..I have put a bit of effort into the video below which outlines all my key findings with the ProFisha 575 so please watch it, your questions will be answered..anything not covered please feel free to ask me a question and I will do my best to answer.

Looking to Try or Buy a Stealth kayak? click on the logos below to go through to the Stealth SA & AU distributors.


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4 Responses

  1. Hello Jason I took a 5.75 Profisher for a quick paddle 4am sunday morning before giving it back & getting out on my barracuda .Was really impressed with the glass but rudder controls caused predicted problems
    Q1 how difficult would it be to convert to O C type peddles as you did for me on my Barra (they work just fine)is fibreglass harder to work with than plastic ?.
    Q2 Will the transducer read as good through glass as plastic ?.
    Q3 How rigid is the rudder & would there be a likelihood of trashing it on a surf landing/contact with shallows or obstacles ?.



  2. Albert

    thank you very much for your in-depth reviews.
    we here are seeing only McDonald’s supersize trends in the USA when it comes to kayaks and the only place to read about some of the sleeker kayaks is from overseas.

    any plans on doing a review on the Stealth Evolution 465?
    would love to hear what you think.

    thanks again,


    • Thanks Al ..much appreciated 🙂 .. unfortunately I dont have access to the range of Stealth kayaks to give them a review, I would love to as there are a few in the range that are of interest to me. cheers

  3. mark skewes

    I have owned two stealth kayaks, a supalite that was sold to me by stealth aus as great condition , 6 months old that had a split bow in the fish hatch and a stealth splash new that had leaky venturis, i sent both back to distributor. I’m concerned about the quality of workmanship in these kayaks eg, thin brital gel coats , leaky venturis and quality of fibreglassing. you should have given a detailed discription of overall quality of kayak. I’m still keen on buying a stealth but am concerned about the kayak lasting any amount of time, thanks, Mark

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