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Home Tips & Advice Compact camera reviews for use on kayaks and outdoors,

Compact camera reviews for use on kayaks and outdoors,

As many of you know I seldom hit the water without my cameras, currently I am using the Panasonic Lumix FT3 and the GoPro HD2 .. to get all the footage in my videos and blog posts. I generally have them mounted to the kayak using the Railblaza camera booms (600 & 150) which offer greater versatility for a variety of angles using just 2 cameras. Many of my readers ask the what and why I am using these models of compact camera. basically after doing much research these to modles came up as the best all rounders…neither are absolutely perfect but they seem to be the best of the bunch and i am very happy to refer others to use them.

Here are a couple of reviews done by Gizmodo on a all the main selling cameras on the market that would be suitable for catching your action on the kayaks… the top of each review are the 2 cameras i have chosen which confirms for me that I have made the right choice. you can find out more about the Railblaza camera booms here –  CAMERA BOOMS 

Links to the reviews below and see the videos for great visual comparisons

First review is of  best 4 action camera models

GoPro / Contour / Ion /  Drift – 

Second review is of  best 4 rugged waterproof  camera models

Panasonic Lumix / Sony Cyber shot / Nikon / Olympus





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