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Home Product reviews Fish fillet and work station using RAILBLAZA products

Fish fillet and work station using RAILBLAZA products

I have been wanting  an outside fillet station at our new house since last summer but have not had time or an idea of what would work best until today…after making a mess in the kitchen filleting last night’s catch, my wife gave me the motivation 😉 to find a better solution.. And man am I happy with the result! I raided a bunch of spare RAILBLAZA parts from my kayaks and tinny to come up with not only a fillet table but a bit of a work station. The pictures below tell the story and I have added links to each of the products I have used for your reference… I cant wait to get out and catch some more fish so I can use it :-)

Railblaza fillet table II.. this is a great fillet table with a drain running around the inside lip a drain hole and  2 knife slots…the front lip is removed for ease of filleting… to make it work in this situation I have moved the Adjustable platforms from the center of the table to the settings close to the back. These then mount into the 2 StarPorts.. To support the front of the table I used a Camera boom 600 removing the platform and replacing it with the adjustable platform which screwed straight into the patterns under the board. Solid fitting  and the whole thing can be removed by unlocking the StarPorts.

As there is no direct lighting in this part of the yard I have mounted a SidePort to the table which allows me to use the torch holder option (consisting of an Adjustable extender and G-hold 50) .. as I had another spare StarPort mount I decided to mount it above the table giving me an alternative place to put the torch.

Not only is this going to be great for filleting my fish but it is also perfect as an outside table to prepare scallops’ and cook them straight away!.. it is also the perfect size for my smoker…however I will trial this using a tray underneath so as not to risk melting the board… very proud of my Railblaza DIY afternoon !

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