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Getting multiple camera angles using only 1 GoPro mounted to RAILBLAZA Platform Boom 150

Filming the adventure to share with friends and family has become a great enjoyment for me… I now have over 60 videos on my YouTube channel with over 90’000.00 channels views!!  this tells me people are enjoying the videos which makes it all worth while… Getting video footage that is interesting and engaging can be difficult with only 1 camera… I have to credit my ability to get the footage, to having a versatile mount to base it from….Here are a couple of kayak surf video where I show how I am getting footage from multiple angles by moving my GoPro camera, mounted to RAILBLAZA platform boom 150, to various StarPort mounts on both my Barracuda Sea Kayak & Fish Pro  SoT kayak…

These are both surf sessions which were fun to film..the sea kayak has mounts in front and behind the cockpit making it easy to move the platform boom from the comfort of the cockpit. The boom 150 is fully adjustable and easy to do with one hand in most cases. The SoT fishing kayak has mounts all over it for various fishing accessories which made it even more versatile to move the camera to a variety of StarPorts to mix up the footage, all but one of the mounts could be reached from my seat position.. for the shots off the bow I had to get off the kayak to mount the camera but was able to adjust the angle from the seat using my paddle…

I will let the videos tell the rest of the story, lets just say I had a lot of fun filming and editing this footage which was hard to reduce to the smaller video with so much good footage taken at all angles….the Camera Boom 600 is also another good choice for when you want extra height distance… NOTE: This was only small surf so made for a good chance to show examples, I would probably advise against using the boom up high in the surf due to the risk of it getting ripped off if you wipe out etc… I recommend a leash on the boom at all times..

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  1. Graham

    Hi Jason, I am looking at upgrading my Olympus U tough camera to get HD video while out on my Hobie AI sailing kayak and other boats. I was considering the Go Pro hero 2 but cannot justify a camera just for the hobie. I need a camera to be a good general all rounder and was put off by the lack of view finder to frame the shot (for general people shots) and the fisheye distortion.
    Have you used the Lumix FT3 while kayaking and how does the video quality of this compare to the Go Pro? Can the great Go Pro mounts be used on the Lumix?

    • Hi Graham.. from what I read in your message the Lumix FT3 (or FT4) is a great option to suit what you are after..the GoPro is great but if video and good stills is what you want then the Lumix is a better choice..obviously you don’t get the wide angle lens with the Lumix so you just have to position the camera for video accordingly (you wont get as much in shot as a fish eye but that’s not a big deal if the important stuff is in frame)..video qualioty is excellent and most of my earlier videos where shot on the Lumix exclusively..the Lumix comes with me always and 95% of my still shots are taken on it…hope that helps

      • ..oh forgot to say the Lumix uses a standard camera mount (tripod thread in the base of the camera) the Railblaza camera booms come with the screw to mount the Lumix to the booms…did that answer your question?

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