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Home Tips & Advice GoPro HERO3 Caps and Doors | must have accessory

GoPro HERO3 Caps and Doors | must have accessory

GoPro HERO3 Caps and Doors –

GoPro hero 3 Caps & Doors

After scratching the housing lenses on my GoPro HERO 2 cameras I made a point to purchase the Caps & Doors pack with my new HERO 3 cameras… 2 main reasons

  1. it is expensive to replace the housing lenses or the whole housing
  2. just one small scratch on the housing lens will ruin your footage..think of that scratch like having a piece of dirt in your eye..that’s what the viewer will experience when trying to enjoy one of your master pieces..

[media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hn7SaQMZ2M” width=”600″ height=”400″]

Protective covers for your HERO3 camera. Includes camera lens cover, housing lens cover, battery cover and replacement side door for your HERO3.


  • Camera lens cover
  • Housing lens cover
  • Battery cover
  • Replacement side door

GoPro Hero 3 housing capGoPro Hero 3 lense cap

Check out more info and how much for this kit here –


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