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Home Tips & Advice GoPro HERO3 Sea Kayak surf session, Video tip

GoPro HERO3 Sea Kayak surf session, Video tip

The surf rolled in on the East Coast last week which gave me a chance to head out in the surf at Red Beach in my Barracuda Beachcomber and trial the GoPro HERO3 WVGA/240fps settings again. I Also trialled simultaneous video and photo mode, using  video set to 1440p/48fps and images set to one every 5 seconds. The 2 videos below are a result of this session.

WVGA/240fps for best slow motion

The first video I have taken only footage using video capture mode WVGA/240fps, after running it through Power director 11 editing suite the results are pretty cool, some scenes I slowed the action down 100% and others are slowed down by about 80% . the day is overcast so the footage is not as crisp as I would like but this is pretty exciting for me when thinking about some of the action I can get using this mode to really enhance the viewers experience…

1440p/48fps simultaneous video and photo mode

Another neat feature on the HERO3 is the simultaneous video and photo modes, as this function is not available in the WVGA capture mode I changes the settings to 1440p/48fps, set the images to one every 5 sec, the below full video trip report is a mixture of both video  settings and there is a selection of images that turned out OK… again the light was not favourable for a good photo but I can see this function being useful in trips to come


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