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Home Tips & Advice GoPro Tripod mount to RAILBLAZA StarPort adapter

GoPro Tripod mount to RAILBLAZA StarPort adapter

Here’s a little adaption I have taken from the guys at NZBlokes FishTails  (Brad & Andrew) this is a simple mounting solution for your GoPro camera using the tripod mount and RAILBLAZA StarPort adapter and a few little extras. This is a custom made product at this point but the guys at RAILBLAZA have taken note so watch this space.

Go Pro tripod mount


I have used the following parts for this

Adaptor tripod mout into starport

Whats the benefits of this set up or the standard mounting to say the Boom mount? well there are a couple of situations where this will allow for a quick move of the camera to a new location..in particular Brad from will be using it in a  deck mounted StarPort filming the sounder or just parked ready for when landing a fish can quickly unclip it with the StarPort slidelock and re position the camera to the RailMount StarPort on the net or gaff to catch a very cool angle at water level…this can all be done pretty quickly with one hand!

GoPro telepole

This solution mounts to any RAILBLAZA  StarPort, Railmount, SidePort or accessories like Extenders, adjustable extenders, Telepole, Boom mounts..I will be trialing it over the next few weeks  to see how useful it is… I personally like the idea of mounting a Railmount to the net or the paddle shaft to allow for a quick position change to get multiple angles when using only 1 or 2 cameras..if you have any questions leave a comment below and I will respond, Thanks

Adaptor tripod mount


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  1. Tim

    Hi Paddleguy – Love your videos and your blog. It was a great inspiration last year when I was starting out in kayaking last year.
    I bought the Railblaza starport mount last year after watching one of your videos… and definitely interested in this.
    I dont suppose do you know anyone who sells a rustproof 1/4inch camera bolt that has a ring head (like you have in some tripods), so you can take the camera off the mount really quickly without using a spanner or a screwdriver? Unlike you, I only have one waterproof camera which I either mount on my head or on the Starport.

    P.S. We should go for a paddle one day.

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