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Home Paddle Guy Insights How do you stop camera fogging ?

How do you stop camera fogging ?

I recently gave an answer this question on a kayak fish club page…

How do I stop the camera housing fogging? Is it heat from camera?

yes it is heat from camera but will also be moisture in the housing..such is the nature of our environment its pretty hard not to get some moisture in wether its pre or post trip…I use gopro, panasonic, sony & CamOne..all have issues with fogging, especially as most of the time they are in direct sunlight or expose to dramatic changes in temp it I put them under water .. the best couple of tips I can offer (I have to manage this issue closely so as not to miss opportunities due to having fogged lense) 1. get anti fog strips, sony, Gopro whatever, use them and dry them thoroughly after each use then store in ziplock bag with silica bag. 2. do not open the housing near any water,,I set the camera up at home ready to go then do not open it again until home, after opening and retrieving footage both the camera and the housing go in the hot water cupboard over night. make this part of your routine. 3. when you are not filming or taking pics turn the camera off completely to eliminate the unit powered up generating heat, if poss keep it out of direct sunlight while not using it. these are all just precautions and part of an ongoing management plan..as far as I have discovered it is very difficult to avoid the fogging in our environment but you can manage it… thats my 10c 🙂



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