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Home Tips & Advice How to get back in sea kayak using paddle float rescue

How to get back in sea kayak using paddle float rescue

In this video guide I am demonstrating how I perform the paddle float rescue technique in my sea kayak.  I don’t practice this one often enough so excuse me if I am little rusty, you will get the idea 🙂

The kayak is the Barracuda Kayaks Interface which has bungy loops and buttons behind the cockpit to accommodate the paddle float rescue along with a recess to allow you paddle shaft to lock into place even if it has a 2 piece connector. If If your kayak does not have this option then you can use the grab lines instead but its not as ideal.

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Question on my FaceBook Page

from James Youldon Hi Jason, what’s your view on inflatable v foam paddle floats? I’m a newbie and have a foam one as it’s one less thing for me to deal with on the water.

Reply – Paddle Guy – Hi James Youldon.. I have not actually ever used a foam one purely because I have always had inflatable ones.. I would assume the work as good or they would not sell?. I guess there are pros and cons to both, inflatable is compact but takes time to inflate, foam is quick to fit but bulky on deck in comparison. Cheers PG

I use a dual air bag paddle float like this one from Fergs Kayaks (click the image to go to fergs site for more info and pricing). Fergs also stock the Level 6 paddle clothing I am wearing in the video which I highly recommend..would not have jumped in that water if I did not have this great gear to keep me semi warm at least.. search Level 6 in the clothing section of their website



Same technique used here on a SoT fishing kayak

(skip to 1:50min of the video for the paddle float demonstration)

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