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Home Tips & Advice How to get back on your sit on top kayak

How to get back on your sit on top kayak

Are you confident you can get back onto your sit on top kayak if you fell out? This is something that anyone looking to get into kayaking should consider and without knowing how to do this could result in putting yourself and others in danger. Now I dont want to sound like a kill joy so let me first clear up that with the right advise getting back on your sit on top kayak is relatively easy and there are few different methods to achieve this…  I have found that the simple act of practicing this before getting out into deep water gives the paddler confidence that if they fall off they can get back on…ironically this confidence results in the paddler being more relaxed which lessens the chance of capsize.

In this video I am with Dave from Fergs Kayaks Wellington where  he takes us through a couple of different ways to get back onto your sit on top kayak in the case of a capsize. This is  a quick reference and not to be replaced by a course, to learn more about what courses are available check out this link to Fergs Wellington where you will get first hand advise from Dave FERGS KAYAKS SKILLS COURSE

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