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Home Tips & Advice Humminbird Fish Finder install to Stealth Kayaks ProFisha 575

Humminbird Fish Finder install to Stealth Kayaks ProFisha 575

Here is  a quick run-down on the Fish finder installation I have done for the Stealth Kayaks ProFisha 575


Firstly Russell Clark (aka Rusty) wanted his Humminbird Fishfinder mounted to the centre console lid, although the carbon fibre lid is strong I took the precaution to  reinforce the underneath with some plastic sheet from Barracuda kayaks.

The head unit is bolted straight to the lid with larger penny washers spreading the load better.

Transducer cables and power cables are running through the lid and held neat with p-clips on the underside of the deck until reaching there destination. Transducer cable runs through the inspection port and battery cable runs direct to the battery under the seat.

The transducer is mounted direct to the hull using Bostik Clear seal, the Stealth ProFisha has a neat little inspection port inside the well which gives access direct to the hull layer (the console is a separate moulded pod joined to the kayak)

the 12v/7amp battery is mounted in the Humminbird battery tray with foam pad and secure strap.

Read my full review of the ProFisha 575 HERE 

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