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Home Product reviews Kayak Fishing – Protect your rods and reels in the surf

Kayak Fishing – Protect your rods and reels in the surf

To date when I paddle out through the surf I have been exposing my reels to more salt water rinses than they are designed for – we all know how that ends in the long run – more $$$ !

Whilst the Viking Profish Reload facilitates the ability to lay rods down at times with heavy surf I still need to remove reels and stow them away. This can be time consuming to set up and pack down so I was super excited when I found this Dry bag for Rods and Reels.

Rod bag Reload (800x600)

Reels protected
This simple and effective little accessory now means my reels stay completely dry, saving me money and clean up time.

Rod Bag Reload 2 (800x600)

The bag easily fits 2 rods fully rigged and ready to fish as soon as you get out behind the surf. It will fit 3 rods also if you remove the handles which are quick to put back on.

Rod Bag stow away (800x451)

As easy as it is to take the rods out once out behind the surf it’s just as easy to load them back in for the return trip – I practiced a few times on dry land and flat water before a surf trial to be sure it would not be complicated or clumsy.

Securing the bag
The bag comes with a Velcro strap at the tip end to secure to carry handle or over the bow. I have secured it under one of the deck shock cords which does not restrict the rod tips from sliding under. I also made up a couple of shock cord snap clip straps to secure the reel ends to the Profish tackle pod.

Rod Bag strap (800x600)

Note: if your in conditions that may see your kayak rolled and dumped upside down on the sand then it’s suggested you secure the bag to the deck so as the reels are sitting in the foot wells or behind the seat making the lower profile and less vulnerable. I could not see a way to achieve this without compromise and back myself not to lose control (if it’s that big I probably wild find another launch spot or go surfing instead )

Rod Bag rolled up reload (800x451)

When not in use
Once the rods are out simply roll it up and store it out of the way. The reload front hatch straps are in the perfect position for this.

Bonus benefit
A great way to transport the rods in the car protecting them from damage (and protecting me from sharp hooks!)-

This is a product I recommend – very practical and well worth the money – Find out more and buy them online HERE – ROD BAG

Rod Bag carry (800x451)

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