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Home Tips & Advice Kayaking & Snorkeling with nature

Kayaking & Snorkeling with nature


Through Kayaking you get to see nature in a way that not many others can. The quiet, unthreatening nature of kayaks means that most animals and sea creatures will carry on about their business while you observe or catch them on film.

I have spent countless hours on the water seeing some amazing things and a lot of the time in the most unlikely, easy to reach places. In recent years I have used my kayak as a snorkelling platform to hunt and gather shellfish which has opened my eyes to the many wonders below my kayak. I can see why scuba divers love what they do.

Only recently have I taken a camera out with me to capture some of the wonderful things to be seen, in this short video I share some of my favourite moments caught on film to date. I recommend any kayaker invest in a waterproof camera as part of their essential kayak kit. The camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix, an affordable and effective compact camera; this camera is capable of capturing those moments ….

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