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Home Product reviews RAILBLAZA Mobi device holder for my handheld Garmin GPS. Paddleguy.com review

RAILBLAZA Mobi device holder for my handheld Garmin GPS. Paddleguy.com review

RAILBLAZA have just release a new Mobi mobile device holder which I have been trialling for the last couple of weeks out in my kayaks. I have been using the old Mobi for some time now to hold my handheld Garmin GPS (GPSMAP 78sc).. both on my fishing kayak and my single & double sea kayaks… having multiple kayaks meant that a hand-held GPS was going to be of more value to me than a Fishfinder combo (GPS built in) .. the Mobi is a great way to securely hold the GPS where I need it, utilising the various StarPort mounts I can move it around the kayak depending on the situation.. (see below scenarios with pictures and descriptions)..

(New Mobi on the left, old Mobi on the right)

The new Mobi is lighter, even more affordable and has some very cool features, like the spring loaded arms and rubber pads. The rubber strap for securing the device is even more versatile and has 2 settings one for narrow items like mobile phones  the other for more bulky items like my GPS or a VHF… the spring loaded arms offer enough tension to hold the device without the rubber strap as in the case below where I use the Mobi in my car. When using the strap you can be sure your device will not get away from you as it is a very secure fit (see my video where I shake the … out of it to show how well it holds)

I am using the adjustable Mobi as it is more practical for my kayaks, it is available in a  fixed version too.. you can buy it with a StarPort Mount or without..depending on where you are going to mount it you may need one of the other mounts like a SidePort or Railmount for example… in the case like my instillation on the inside of the sea kayak cockpit I have used a SidePort mount on the glovebox (images below). Another option I use on my SoT Fishing Kayak is the new adjustable StarPort extender…this allows me to move the GPS alongside my Garmin Fishfinder where I can still access the GPS from my seat but frees up the StarPort on the centre console which I like to use for a variety of accessories while actively fishing,,, like Rod holder, G-Holds (see images below for more)

Mobi in use on my Barracuda Fish Pro

(Mounted to a recessed StarPort in front of My fishfinder for easy reach and viewing)

(Having a variety of RAILBLAZA mounts in key places makes it easy to rearrange my work space to suit the situation as here when night fishing, used a light held by G-Hold 50mm into an adjustable extender, Fishfinder also mounted using an adjustable extender & rotating platform)

(Using the Adjustable extenders I can free up the workspace StarPort for other tasks as per above but still keep the GPS within reach and view)

Mobi in use on my Barracuda Sea Kayaks

(Mounting inside the kayak using a SidePort mount attached to the glovebox compartment, the GPS is within reach when I need it but out of the way when paddling or fishing)

(here mounting the old Mobi to the deck mounted StarPort puts the GPS at reach when you don’t want to open your cockpit)

(and just because I can I glued a SidePort mount to the dash of my car and transfer the new Mobi to hold my iPhone when driving..the spring loaded arms have enough tension for me to use without the rubber retaining strap.. fantastic idea… holder for all! 🙂


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