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Home Product reviews Railblaza StarPort modification for greater Rod holder adjustment

Railblaza StarPort modification for greater Rod holder adjustment


I have recently been playing around with a modification to the the mounting of my RAILBLAZA StarPorts and wanted to share this great little mod. This was shown to me by kayak fishing expert and Viking Kayaks NZ sales manager Stephen Tapp… where he mounted a StarPort to the bait board on his fishing kayak, this was mounted using only one bolt counter sunk right through the centre of the StarPort with a large penny washer and nylock nut…fitting it this way allows the StarPort to be rotated on the bolt 360 degress… the wood on the bait board creates enough friction so the StarPort does not spin once an accessory is fitted.  Mounting like this allows fine adjustments of the rod holder positioning  which is great for situations where you need to have the rod at and angle that the Railblaza Star lock does not allow.


I have done the same for my Barracuda beachcomber sea kayak, where I have mounted 2 StarPorts just in front of the cockpit in the same way as Stephen has done on his fishing kayak. To get the friction I have used the rubber gaskets supplied with the StarPorts…. this is exceptionally practical for me in the sea kayak, not only to be able to position the rod with fine adjustment, but as things are a little lively when fishing in a sea kayak the constant unlocking and repositioning of the StarPorts can make things more uncomfortable … this modification eliminates this issue..

I can mount Camera booms, Mobi device holder for my GPS..you name it its all at easy reach from the cockpit and easily adjusted.  If there was any down side it would be the fact I have only one fitting taking all the load, the larger washer helps to spread this load but I take extra caution regardless and do not put the StarPort or accessory mountede under any esxessive pressure just in case of damage to the deck of my kayak which is only 3mm thick compared to thicker roto molded plastic or the bait board on Stephens Viking Profish.



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