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Home Tips & Advice Setting up multiple cameras to film from your kayak

Setting up multiple cameras to film from your kayak

On the eve of my  drive south to join the Viking Kayak fishing teams at the Taranaki Kayak fishing classic, I find myself at the RAILBLAZA factory putting some final touches to my camera configuration. My job on this trip is to paddle myself and camera gear around after a select group of the Viking kayak fishing teams as they head off in search of some of Taranaki’s big fish!.


Stephen Tapp with a category winning Kingfish from a previous years Taranaki Competition

The teams are in full competition mode so I need to have my cameras mounted and ready to switch on as soon as they get into the action as they are not going to wait for me just in case that delay spoils the chance of them landing a competition winning fish.

When you are both driving the kayak and the cameras one of the biggest issues is keeping in prime position to ensure you both catch the action and do it in a way that it does not affect the angler as he or she plays the fish. Based on previous trips I think I have the answer to enable me to capture the key footage un-interrupted and it all comes down to the versatility of the RAILBLAZA system.

Railblaza camera booms stabalized 08

I will be running 4 GoPro HD3 cameras and my NikonD5200  from my Viking Profish Reload which has several StarPorts mounted to it to allow for re positioning of my cameras. … I have set up 2 camera arms which will allow me to catch the subject on one of 3 GoPros while maintaining complete control of my kayak’s positioning.


This pic taken on a recent trip to Mahurangi with my Camera boom mounted much the same as the new configuration which allows me to paddle alongside the subject and keep my kayak out of frame

The positioning of the booms is critical to get right so that my paddle stroke is out of frame of the wide angled GoPro lens, equally important is ensuring the boom is stable so as to keep the footage as smooth as poss in this environment. I am going to achieve this with the following set up which allows me t film from either side of the kayak so I can just catch the action as it roles rather than either re positioning myself or asking the angler to reposition for the best camera angle

Railblaza camera booms stabalized 09 Railblaza camera booms stabalized 10 Railblaza camera booms stabalized 13

Right hand side option.

I have mounted the Boom 600 to a StarPort on the Tackle pod which then points directly forward. To ensure the camera angle does not capture my kayak in frame I have added and adjustable Extender to keep the platform just that little bit further out. Mounted to this boom is 2 GoPros both pointing in the same direction, 1 filming in 1080hd the other filming in a higher frame’s per second rate so I can capture smooth slow motion sequences. This is stabilized using a fixed extender and G-hold 35mm.

Railblaza camera booms stabalized 12 Railblaza camera booms stabalized 05Railblaza camera booms stabalized 15

Left hand side

is a similar set up with the same stabilizer except this side I have use the Telepole 1000 which extends a lot further than the boom 600  meaning I have no need for an adjustable extender to give my frame clearance. This platform will only have 1 GoPro set to film at 1080HD, if for some reason I need to film mostly from the left side I can simply move the 2nd camera on the right hand side with the higher FPS setting to this platform.

Railblaza camera booms stabalized 16 Railblaza camera booms stabalized 17

My #4 GoPro will be mounted to either an extension pole or the Boom 150 and will be my go to camera for under water shots. Using the RailMount 31-42mm mounted to the side handle of the Profish Reload I can easily plug the Boom 150 into that and angle the whole mount so the camera is filming on the surface or under. Talk about options galore! These configurations can all also be used to film myself if I decide to drop a line while the others are quiet. Which inevitably leads to one of them hooking up just as I settle in!


I look forward to sharing the results of this footage. Be sure to head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you can get an update once I have uploaded the video. And you can see links to all the products used in this configuration below




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