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Home Trip reports Kayak Fishing Spearfishing Trip..the gear I use and some tips on how to use the kayaks as a platform

Spearfishing Trip..the gear I use and some tips on how to use the kayaks as a platform

Over the xmas holiday I planned several trips in the kayak to snorkel for crayfish, scollops and do a bit of spearfishing..however the wind and rain meant I only managed to get out once. This quick trip report is from that session I have put a few images into a slide show below or if you can view this go to my Facebook gallery from this trip HERE..  and of course there is a great video from this session below enjoy

[slideshow type=”anything” source=”{s:spearfishing-hahei-jan-2012}”]

Location Hahei, Coromandel NZ

My preferred time to head out for a snorkel in this spot is 1 hour before low tide, this means 1, the water is shallower and easier for me to dive, no more than 6 meters 2, the water is clearer as the outgoing tide takes away silt coming from the nearby Harbour. As with much of the NZ coastline its only a short 5 min paddle to get the spot I want to anchor and snorkel… some occasions  just snorkel straight off the beach but I prefer to take the kayaks so I have the option to move to a new spot if necessary.

Visibility was good and spotted a few crays early but all were hard to get and too deep in there safe little caves to come home to the dinner table! So instead a spent a bit of time hunting for a fish to take home, there is always plenty of fish life in this area and as divers are regularly in the area the fish are all pretty friendly and not so easily spook meaning I have plenty of opportunity to film some of the great scenery down here. On this trip I was using my Panasonic Lumix FT3 water proof camera mounted to the RAILBLAZA camera boom 600. This means I can hold the camera out in front and get close to the fish.

after a fruitless search for anything worth shooting for dinner I headed back to the kayak and close to the anchor line i spotted a rather large Octopus. On this occasion I anchored the kayak using a small grapnel anchor and 15meters of rope tethered to my Salts life anchor running rig, on other occasions I will tow the kayak with me and drop the anchor near a cray spot or scallop bed once I have located it. This means I can follow the anchor line down and be directly on the spot, when recovering on the surface getting ready for a dive it is surprising just how far you can drift from the spot even at a still tide.

After a carefully aimed shot into the Octopus (needed to kill it in the one shot to avoid the tentacles getting me and  avoid getting inked when i put it in the kayak) I pulled the Octopus closer only to find it was attached to another smaller Octopus which it had been eating..I let this fall to the bottom and it was quickly surrounded by hungry little fish. I use the Octopus for snapper bait n my long line…this has proven to be deadly on the snapper  and can be reused and refrozen without losing its freshness/ texture. Good eating too they tell me but this Octopus will save me over $80 in bait and provide $100s of fresh snapper fillets to my table.

The key to effectively using my Barracuda Fish Pro as a spearfishing platform is having it set up right…for this I am using key products from RAILBLAZA & Surf To Summit…these are showcased and explained in the video report and I have provided links to the products in the list below.

The nest day the weather was even better but I had promised this day to my family for a day playing at the beach…fortunately my boys Mialn(6) & Alexnader (3) love getting on the water with me when they can and Milan cant wait to catch his own Crayfish..so we took the kayak out into the shallows where I walked along side while they looked over the side of the kayak with masks to see what was below.

Key accessories used in this trip 




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  1. james fitzgerald

    great photos over queens birthday .wish we were there .we were kayaking over the other side at hadfields beach ,thought we would check that area as we hadnt been there before ,it was more of a kayak trip than fishing although we took a rod just in case , could be an excellent place in the summer half way between hadfields and wiawera ,but the wind blew up on the way back ,to the beach ,its a bitch paddling against the wind

    • thanks, was great day… that spot you paddled is great for fishing and rock gardening, dolphins are regularly in that area over summer. You will see quite a few rock fisherman and longliners (kontiki) over the summer and most are getting good snapper with the kahawai & occasional Kingi.

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