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The benefits to surfing your Fishing Kayak

For any kayaker looking to increase confidence, skill, understanding of there kayak or just for some fun …kayak surfing would have to be the best way to answer all these needs. This is especially relevant to fisherman looking to get into kayak fishing for the purpose of fishing offshore where they will ineviatably be faced with waves. This could be swell at a surf beach, surf created by wind or just lumpy breaking seas out in the open fishing grounds.

My recommendation to all kayak fisherman is to spend some time without the fishing gear and take your kayak into the surf for some fun (mostly for the spectators in the early days 😉 .. a surf course with your local kayak shop would be the best thing to participate in as you will learn faster and run less risk of injury to you or other swimmers and avoid getting into bad habits. That said courses are not for everyone but at least make sure you only go to a beach that is safe, you have a buddy with you …and dont forget the camera for posting the good and bad stuff to your local forum 😉

I dont claim to be an expert kayak surfer but am pretty confident in anything up to 2m in my fishing kayak as a result of getting out there and having a go. Whenever the surf is up I try to get out and have a session, this really helps with my confidence in both my ability and the kayak under me when caught out in nasty conditions in a fishing trip. Having this confidence also means I get out more often than those lacking in confidence when the surf is up or the weather is questionable (within reason) …  Give it a go, and if you are in my area (NZ, Auck) get in touch and I am happy to take you out for some tips and fun in the surf.

Below is a couple of my videos surfing my fishing kayak, Barracuda Fish Pro which I hope will give you some tips, remember not all kayaks are created equal, meaning some are better designed for surf than others especially in the case of learning to manage them in the surf. It can be very frustrating when you cant catch a break and end up in the drink more than on the wave…I learnt the basics using a Mission Flow kayak, 2.9m and really forgiving in the surf but also good for some skill work. If your fishing kayak is not up to the task have a back up plan to try a smaller kayak … a couple of other essentials I recommend, each has a link to the  products I use for more info.. something I am not using in these sessions is a helmet, for larger surf and when I know there to be rocks etc,,I will use a helmet.


This is one of my earlier videos so not as good a footage as I would like


And finally a session in my sea kayak

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