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2 in 1 trip report…

After a fantastic day with temps getting up into the 20″s I was itching to get out on the water for a kayak…its been a long cold winter as always … and today we get a taste of whats to come….the long summer evenings where the water is glassy and the temperature is balmy! For me this is a bit of a problem as with 3 kids under 6years at home, paddling time is usually hard to come by without some sacrifice to keep the balance at home… so Tues  my wonderful wife offers me a pass to go for a paddle after work but not before helping get the kids into bed… the only problem is that I am now torn between wanting to go for a paddle  (for a fitness session and to enjoy being on the water while the sun goes down) and going for a fish (reports are that the snapper are all in shallow and feeding up)..what to do!!?? easy take the longline out drop that somewhere close to shore near home, go for a paddle, pick up the longline (and hopefully dinner) then head home.

[image align=”left” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true”]http://www.paddleguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/fresh-mullet-into-snapper.jpg[/image]

This is how I can both catch a feed of fresh fish for me and the family and get an hours paddle in for myself (2 birds with one kayak) . first stop is to drop in at my local fish market for some fresh mullet to use as bait for the longline. while there I see that snapper fillets are $38.00kg!!  my mullet cost me $8.00…. on this trip I only used one fillet to catch 6 snapper (more than 2kgs of fillets, = up to $100 worth of FRESH fish) …. I still have the other half to take out for another session next week. Why I mention this is that with the cost of living getting more and more expensive growing my own veges and catching my own fresh fish is my way of reducing living costs and ensuring we all eat fresh healthy food. Combine that with the fact that my kayak fishing and paddling trips are usually restricted to 2hours I find the use of some fresh bait and the 12 hook Kayak longline from Pauls Fishing kites the best, most efficient way for me to maximize my time on the water on these occasions.  The longline is secured to my kayak using RAILBLAZA G-Holds

[image align=”left” icon=”play” lightbox=”true”]http://www.paddleguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Long-line-on-g-holds.jpg[/image] [image align=”left” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true”]http://www.paddleguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Snapper-on-long-line-in-beachcomber-sea-kayak.jpg[/image]


I set off from the beach at 7.30pm, after around 10 mins paddling straight off the beach I set the longline in about 6-7 meters of water on the sandy bottom (tide was on its way out) …then headed off for a paddle for around an hour. Got back to the longline just on dark  (had a light with me) and pulled it in to find of the 12 hooks set I had 6 take home sized snapper. not bad, and all other baits had been eaten. After a short paddle home I was back upstairs in time get cleaned up and cook some of the fresh fish for dinner….a great evening s paddle and enough snapper for us to have a few meals and some to share with family…. I look forward to sharing many more of these session overt the coming summer months… be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel (see logo in the  column on the right) to see videos of these sessions and much more.

[image align=”left” icon=”zoom” lightbox=”true”]http://www.paddleguy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/fresh-fish-cooked.jpg[/image]


If you want to know more about kayak fishing with a longline be sure to read my article on the subject HERE 


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