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Home Trip reports Kayak Surfing AT Paddles Exodus Fishstix , first trial on a Crisp winter evening kayak surf at Orewa

AT Paddles Exodus Fishstix , first trial on a Crisp winter evening kayak surf at Orewa

This week here in North Auckland we have had a stunning week of weather, today’s sunrise over Stanmore bay was no exception and a swell rolled in to offer a chance of some surfing at Orewa. all in the order of “product testing” I headed out with Ross from RAILBLAZA (who was on his SUP) for an after work/end of the week surf session with a classic Orewa wave rolling in.

I had recently purchased (From Fergs Kayaks Wellington) a new Adventure Technology (AT) carbon paddle which needed a work out,,, I have been using the Odyssey glass version for the last 6-8 months and have been very impressed with both the blade shape and the  crank shaft. This model is the Exodus Fishstix camo paddle with adjustable length… I took the Beachcomber sea kayak and the Barracuda Fish pro…. with the plan to alternate each kayak to see how the paddle performed with each different style of kayak in the surf. After a good hour or so in the surf I have to say I am very happy with this paddle also… check out the video from this session below..



The AT (Adventure technology) crank shaft is again very nice on the hands and really seems to help reduce the aggravation to my injured shoulder which is helping me with the recovery but still allowing me to be active and paddle.  I thought I might need to adjust the length when moving from the narrower Beachcomber to the SoT Fish pro, however I did not, this Exodus fishstix has the 10cm length adjust-ability fitted to it. Here’s some pics from s chilly but great end to the week, if you want to find out more about the AT paddles take a look here – http://goo.gl/Sd6gE



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  1. Steve

    Hi Jason
    Paddle looks nice. Im using a carbon wing paddle but was looking at the Fishstix a while back. Never used a bent paddle so did not take the plunge, you like it more than normal straight or wing paddle?
    Also, where did you get the cool hat?!!! I wear similar ones but don’t have chin straps.

    • Hi Steve.. Thanks for the message,,, I probably should have put a bit more info on the paddle in my post… here’s a link to the description on the paddles from AT..personally I find the angle and shape of the shaft to be gentler on my wrists and seems to put less stress on my shoulder injury..have not been aggravated in the last few months since using this style…. http://atpaddles.com/technology

      Love the hat too, purchased at Kite Surf Australia in Noosa…having the straps both saves losing it and keeps wind and waves off my ears… I need a new one and wanted another camo version.. however they have dropped this colour..you can get one from this NZ shop http://www.hydrosurf.co.nz/shop/WETSUITS/FCS+Water+Apparel/FCS+Wet+Bucket.html

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