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Home Trip reports Kayak Fishing Back to basics | Sea kayak + 1 rod + 1 lure = 50mins home with dinner !

Back to basics | Sea kayak + 1 rod + 1 lure = 50mins home with dinner !


Back to basics…my plan tonight was to have a 40 min paddle in my sea kayak before dinner, I have been seeing birds working in close daily for the last week so with that it would be wrong not to take at least a lure to troll behind me on my evening paddle  ;-)… On Friday before leaving work I put a couple of flush mount rod holders into my Barracuda Beachcomber for just such an occasion…

(that pot of gold looked a bit far to paddle this time)

6pm I headed down to the beach with kayak on the shoulder + 1 rod with a small Rapala bibbed hard body lure..my plan paddle towards Red Beach hugging the rocks staying in around the 2.5 – 3m depth of water there and back.. my pass was only for 40mins so I had to make this a quick paddle. The sea kayak hull is much quicker than my Sit on top fishing kayak, which would see the lure traveling at a fast speed behind me,  at these speeds I really only expected to catch a kahawai if anything…

After 15 mins paddle into the head wind I was close to the turn around point  when I felt the rod twitch…then again..looking over my shoulder, while still paddling, I could see that I had trolled over a shallow patch of weed…twitch again…then came the magnificent sound of my reel peeling off line, paddle quickly into the new paddle park up the bow, then grabbed the rod, tighten up the drag a little,, point the rod to the bow and carefully play the fish back to the kayak over the very shallow reef…  I could feel the familiar nod nod on the end of the line that could only suggest I had in fact hooked a nice snapper… on the hard body lure, trolling at speed, over the shallow reef?…sure enough a nice 46cm snapper came alongside the kayak well fixed to the treble hooks the fish was a surprised as me!


Time running out I set the lure again and paddled home following the same path this time with the wind behind me… 3 times along the way I hooked small Kahawai which explained what the gannets have been chasing throughout the week…these 3 small fish will make for great fresh bait to use later in the week when I target the shallows at night. Hit the beach, kayak on shoulder back to the house…only 10mins late..total trip 50mins… I got some exercise before dinner, some fresh fish for another dinner and some bait for next trip… not bad and very little to pack down or clean…see you later in the week with a report on what goods I can get with the fresh bait.





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