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Chasing snapper on hard body lures

Well I had planned just to go for a paddle…but as the title of this post suggests..there was a rod and some lures involved! ..such a stunning evening here at Stanmore bay, NZ and going for a paddle seemed a great way to end the weekend,  it felt wrong to not take at least one rod and a selection of lures for trolling over the shallows as I paddled past…

I kept it simple, Barracuda Fish Pro  kayak, C-Tug, paddle rod + 3 Hard body lures (1 x  2m diver, 1 x shallow water diver, 1 x fast trolling lure) … I spent 1 hour paddling across the beach staying right over the shallow reef running the length of the beach (in patches) … the idea when trolling hard body bibbed lures, one that has been effective in the past, is to stagger my paddling speed…the snapper generally take once I speed up..sure enough the only fish landed was a 35cm snapper who struck the 2m diver as I picked up my stroke rate …  A great way to end a stunning summer weekend here in NZ!

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