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Home Trip reports Kayak Fishing First Kayak fish for 2013 brings me a new PB snapper!

First Kayak fish for 2013 brings me a new PB snapper!

Last night I headed out in my Barracuda Fish Pro to fish the shallows at change of light  at my local, Stanmore Bay.. my first kayak fish of 2013 and what a great start!…after a great day at the beach with my family it seemed fitting to finish this fantastic summers day off with a spot of fishing.. this would make a great opportunity to review a new product from RAILBLAZA in the TracPort 350… I have added some pics of tis new product to the gallery below, more on that review in a couple of days..

With the tide  low at around 9.30pm I was pushing it fine to get a bite time, given I only set out off the beach at 7.30, in my favour was the change of light..my usual spot had another kayak parked near it so I chose to target another shallow water spot, picking up some good sign on my Garmin Echo 300c  in less than 4m of water and over shallow reef I tried a few plastics to no effect so switched to some fresh cuts of bait floated over the weed… on my 2nd drift and with the light fading, my line peeled off then stopped..then again…I could feel this was a good fish just picking up the bait..on the 3rd run I flicked the bail arm over and set the target hook firm (using a 4/0 Pauls Fishing Kite target hook PFK)…

With that the line peeled off some more then some more…with a few tweaks of the drag I knew the fish was hooked, the trick now was to keep it from busting me off on the shallow reef…the fish sat in the weed for a bit which gave me a chance to re organise my deck, moving my sea anchor to the stern etc..I have been using the PFK target hooks for a while now and know that when a fish is hooked on these they are not getting off..this meant I could relax and play the fish out of the weed. after a about 5 mins I managed to get it out from the weed and along side the kayak..which is where I saw it was a big fish! and I had no net or gaff….

The fish took another good run away from the kayak then I had it alongside the kayak again..this time I reached over the kayak and grabbed it by the gill plate with my gloved hand…with the whopper on board my first thoughts where to getting  a picture of what I would say is my new PB for this area,  then releasing it..once I could see my hook was well down the fishes throat I decided it better to take the fish home and eat it… I have no scales to weigh a whole fish so can only go by length and this fish was 71cm..the fillets weighed 2.5kgs on the kitchen scales..I will be smoking the wings as these ar particularly good eating on bigger fish. ..that starts my kayak fishing for 2013 off on a high… come back in a couple of days for my review of the Railblaza  TracPort 350 which is going to be a useful accessory for 2013



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