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Garmin Echo 300c Fish Finder first trip a success!…and no bait, just the Zman soft plastics…

I mentioned in  previous post that I have fitted a Garmin echo 300c fishfinder…( I will be posting a video and description of my instillation of the fishfinder soon). After what feels like weeks of leaving the kayak in the garage I got a chance this afternoon to head out off my local beach to test the fishfinder out and  catch some snapper for dinner. This was also a great chance to trial the soft plastic set up I recently purchased  from Top Catch. You may have noticed from my videos that I predominantly fish baits, not that  dont like using soft plastics, its just that I have not had a lot off success to date, mostly due to having the wrong set up to effectively work the Zman & TT lure gear I use. I met  Joe Dennehy on the Top Catch stand recently at a boat show, Joe set me up with some great advise and a good little start up combo which is perfect for the kayaks,  Penn 4000 reel & Quantum Alliance graphite rod (check out Joe’s soft plastic book HERE ).

Zman soft plastics snapper & gurnard session

I only had a couple of hours to catch a feed  before I had to be back home so needed to find the fish quick. I hit the water  a couple of hours before high tide, the recent few days of strong winds and heavy rain would mean the snapper should be coming in close with the tide to feed on the land run off and berley from the rough seas dislodging shellfish from the rocks. The Garmin fishfinder worked a treat to help me scout the shallows for any sign of fish before heading out a little deeper to some spots the usually hold the fish in the this sandy bay. Watching the fishinder  I was able to pic up some good signs of fish on the way over to my usual spot, so I stopped and flicked some plastics at them, after only a couple of casts I landed my first snapper, not huge but good enough for eating.  watching the Garmin sounder I just kept paddling forward then drift over this school of fish several times which resulted in a good bag of fish, 8 snapper & 1 Gurnard in total, all landed on the electric chicken scented, jerk shad Zman lure

Penn Affinity soft plastic combo first session results Garmin 300 fishfinder screen shot2


Not a bad session for my first run using the new gear, I am looking forward to 3 weeks in the Coromandel where I will be spending more time on the water, this is where the sounder will come in very handy as there are some spots near where we stay that I have not tried fishing due to not knowing what was there and not being prepared to leave the trusted spot X for something new… I will give the Garmin and the soft plastics a thorough review after some more hours on the water but have to say I ma pleased with both purchases so far.


There was a boat anchored near where I was drifting,  before heading in I paddled over to see how they were getting on and they were not catching much and wanted to know what I was using to catch the fish (they had been watching me pull in a fish nearly every cast!) … They were using both plastics and bait, as they did not have a sounder on board I took a look on mine for them to see no sign, told them to move the boat 20 meters to where i was and they should be right over the school…with that I left them to it (I heard the anchor winch start up as i paddled home 😉

For more info on the Garmin echo 300c click on the logo below to be taken to the Bay Marine Electronics website


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  1. eoin

    Hey mate whats the lifw u get out of this ff

  2. eoin

    I mean battery life

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