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Hobie Kayak Tandem Island trip, Stanmore bay NZ

In this trip report I am doing something a little different…ie _ “No Paddling”  ..Mathew has bought his Hobie Kayak tandem Island down to my local beach, Stanmore Bay NZ, where I am going to film this great set up to showcase the RAILBLAZA gear he has mounted on it, Mathew s set up is one of the best i have seen on a kayak and would have many boats owners green with envy. This is also going to be a great chance for me to try a Hobie peddle & sail kayak for the first time…the sailing is something I am looking forward too the most. Mathew used to paddle kayaks but injured his shoulders badly meaning paddling was out of the question…not being one to quit he found a solution in Hobie which offers the ability to peddle…he took this one step further with the sail :-).  Whilst its not kayaking in its traditional sense the Hobie Tandem Island is definatly another great way to get on the water and enjoy doing what we do.

After filming his set up we planned to head out for a sail/peddle and drop the long line before sailing some more with the occasional drift fish with soft plastics…it would usually take me about 15 mins to paddle to my fishing spot, with the sail up and only a slight breeze we were there in less than 5mins! this is a great platform to fish from, I was able to stand up and cast literally walking around the cockpit …cant say I enjoyed the peddling though as it is harder than it looks, I am not used to using these muscle in this seating position (sort of like a reclined bike) .. the ease at which Mathew found it suggest that it must get better as your body conditions to it. That said i had a fantastic morning on the tandem Island kayak fishing and sailing…we got back to the beach were my wife and kids were waiting and I have to say the idea of owning one of these to take my wife and the kids out on the water together is pretty appealing..easy to set up, easy to use and heaps of fun..see below slide show & video from this session… WARNING…you might want one too after watching this 😉


[slideshow type=”anything” source=”{s:hobie-kayak-tandem-island-kayak-fishing-trip-with-paddle-guy}”]


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