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Home Trip reports Hooked up to a shark, kayak fishing | filmed on GoPro

Hooked up to a shark, kayak fishing | filmed on GoPro

Published on June 9, 2014 by in Trip reports

I have to build the story behind the pics and video below, had a roller coaster of an emotional ride with this one. from this :o to this :rock: to this :^) to this :swear: to this :rofl: 


On the way back from taking pics of everyone competing in the Orton comp last Sunday I stopped for a fish myself in behind Moari rock.. I was picking up snapper, mostly small on each bait…next cast my reel went screaming off, I set the hook and felt the weight, then more reel screaming..only in 8m of water and drifting closer to the rocks, the odd big swell thumping me from behind, rod tip nodding, this is a good snapper! .. now I am thinking, all weekend the competitors have struggled to land a decent fish and here I am non competitor fighting what felt like a big snapper …got to get the cameras on for this one so I can get a pic & some video for proof of this monster then release it..


Feeling pretty excited now, confident the hooks wont fail and the 50lb braid with 80lb leader will hold (yip apparently I was planing on landing something big :lol: ).. reel still screaming , then gain some line the another run..one camera flat from filming earlier I had to change the camera over for another one which was inside the tackle pod… talk about chaos trying to do that with one hand and holding on to a powerful fish!..most would not have bothered and just played the fish… however if it aint on film it did no happen…so I persevered to the point of almost dropping the cameras as the fish ran again…


camera sorted I now have the fish tired and getting closer to the yak, I see a little color, white..lots of white… holy smoke I say this is a fricken big snapper!… now anyone who has landed a big snapper will know that feeling, when you see this massive shape, white was presumably the belly….well my excitement came crashing down when I saw it was a shark, and one big enough for me to not want it any closer than it got for a bit of underwater video, which you can see below… it finally busted me off… but man what a fight! I can kinda see the appeal to fighting these powerful fish from a kayak…but only kinda… dont plan to intentionally target them anytime soon but it was a good lesson on my systems and techniques when doing battle with big fish in shallow, lumpy water.

SnapShot(21) SnapShot(19)


sh SnapShot(23) shark

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