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Home Trip reports Kayak Fishing Kayak fishing shallow water after a storm | Night fishing taking advantage of phosphorescence

Kayak fishing shallow water after a storm | Night fishing taking advantage of phosphorescence


I have had 2 kayak fishing trips here at my local beach in the last week and both with great success. The success came by way of one 52cm snapper in each trip landed in 2.5m of water on a piece of reef I usually paddle over to get to deeper water..

Night Fishing, phosphorescence

The first trip was at night trolling soft plastics over a very shallow reef, the phosphorescence were particularly bright making the lure look like a shooting star under the water as I trolled it over a shallow 2.5m reef then WHAM! 52cm snapper in the bin..at first I thought this was a lucky shot so I tried again…wham! not as big but still another nice fish in the bin  plus some others landed further out on my set line and I had dinner for all plus extra for extended family (see my article on kayak long lining for more on what that is HERE )…

After the storm

The next trip was today after a big blow up last night left the water very dirty from the run off from land. I headed to the same shallow reef after setting my  12 hook longline on the edge of the dirty water line, ..  I figured the best thing would be to take advantage of the fact that the fish would be gorging themselves on all the burly coming off the land & would be more than happy to see a fresh piece of Kahawai  straylined over the weed…WHAM! another 52cm snapper in the bin and a great test for my new Power Jig 200g spin rod that I won from Go Fish on the North Shore…(although not a XO snapper, in 2.5m of water with reef all around it took some playing to get it in the boat, knowing you have good gear to land fish in tricky conditions makes a big difference to how you play out the fight) .. shortly after I landed another 40cm snapper in the same way and again over a spot of reef that myself, and most boats I see, pass straight over… my new spot X…if this is what it produces in winter I can’t wait to see what’s in store for summer fishing!!

here’s are some pics from these 2 trips.. what is also great about this is that it takes me only 1 min to walk the kayak to the beach…5-10 mins paddle to the fishing .. as long a I get my tides correct and the fish are hungry I can be home with fresh fish for my house and our relatives within 2hours of leaving…I know ! but someone has too do it ;-)…the 4 fish I caught today where landed using a fresh Kahawai that cost $7…I have over $100 of fresh snapper fillets to share with family…

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3 Responses

  1. Roberta

    Well done, Jason!! Terrific results! The shirt looks good, too! 🙂

  2. Awesome.
    I would have loved to have got out, but the weather put me off.
    excellent results.
    go the couda

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