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Home Trip reports Kayak Fishing Kayak fishing trip report..taking advantage of daylight savings & change of light

Kayak fishing trip report..taking advantage of daylight savings & change of light

It is so good to have daylight savings here again…last night, after getting through the bedtime routine with the kids, I took advantage of the extra light to get a spot of fishing in. I targeted the shallow water again and this time a little later in the outgoing tide, which usually does not produce as well in the shallows. However the old saying fish the change of light regardless of tide proved correct here, after setting the 12 hook longline line with fresh mullet,  I set off  trolling a hard body lure which got smashed and busted off before I could react,  I only had the one so switched to soft plastics for a bit with no success…

I spotted 6 or so gannets circling nearby so headed in their direction, once they started diving I got close enough then set the sea anchor and drifted some soft plastics in the area… with a few drifts and no action I switched to some fresh mullet..bam! straight away into snapper… new bait..bam again!..this went on for around a dozen casts which all happened as the light faded into dark… with 6 fish in my bag worth keeping for a feed and many set free I decided to head home…

Knowing I already had enough for a feed I planned on releasing any fish on the longline … and sure enough of the 12 hooks set 10 had snapper hooked up… most were under 30cm so were going back anyway. The great thing about the Pauls fishing kite hooks I use on my longline is that they almost always hook the fish in the corner of the mouth meaning releasing them unharmed is easy…all fish took off in a hurry when they realized there time was not up !

It was great to use my new fillet table for the first time, with it set up outside right next to the hose I could take the fish straight out of the insulated fish bag, clean, fillet and wash down with only the fresh fillets going upstairs to the kitchen. All the mess stayed outside… its going to be so good having this set up over the summer…

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