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Kayak fishing simplicity, no fuss way to catch fresh seafood


Just tonight I have again been reminded of how much I enjoy the act of taking out my kayak and catching fresh fish… the simplicity, effectiveness and well being aspects of this simple action (Kayak Fishing) never wears thin on me and I always feel completely satisfied coming home with fresh fish for my family…here’s a run down of my session tonight which will give you some insight into why I felt the need to blog about a fact that is well known to most, if not all, that use a kayak to catch fish for the table…

5.00pm.. decided I would take the kayak to the beach for a change of light kayak fish… interpretation…my loving wife let me escape the kids  bedtime routine to have some time to myself  :-)

5.20pm.. Kayak loaded on C-Tug trolley (this session I have the Viking Profish 400). got lights, one rod, a couple of spare hooks and some other essentials (phone, knife, PFD etc..) and a fresh mullet that I picked up on Friday in the hope I would get a chance to go for a fish this weekend

5.30pm.. launch kayak at Stanmore Bay… I live a short walk from the beach so the C-Tug trolley sees my kayak and all gear needed at the beach in less than 5mins…

5.45pm.. First bait in the water,  roughly 200 meters from beach over weed beds and reef in around 3-4 meters water

6.30pm.. back at beach loading kayak on C-Tug,  bite time window was about 30 mins at the change of light then all goes quiet..2 average snapper in the Viking Chill pod but enough to feed all at my house for a meal,

6.40pm.. Back home ready to fillet fish (wash down kayak tomorrow :-) )

7pm…fresh snapper fillets in the fridge, ready for cooking tomorrow night

So all up that’s about 2 hrs to get meal, get some exercises and most important my outdoor fix for the day … the only real cost this trip was the bait ($6.50) ..I have about 30-mins of clean up to do tomorrow and I am done ready to go again…..

Put that into perspective against my neighbour who launched his 6m boat the night before at the same beach (just further up the road/beach at the boat ramp), spent about 2 hours out on the water and got no fish..add about 2hours of travel and boat ramp time to that, then wash down and fuel (not alot used as they did not go far..)…

90% of my trips here to this spot are successful so I can pretty much bank on taking home at least a feed….the boat has its place but for a session like this it will never be as simple as the ” just grab and go” aspects of the kayaks …

obviously living so close to the water makes a big difference so this little story is not always go to be as easy if you have to load up the car and travel to the water…for those that live close and can walk, you know how lucky we are … Thanks for your time.


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