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Home Trip reports Kayaking with Dolphins captured on camera

Kayaking with Dolphins captured on camera

Of all the wonders we get to enjoy on the water as kayaker’s I would have to say for me kayaking with Dolphins is by far my favorite encounter, these pics and videos are from the 2 times I have managed to get this experience on film, I will be on the look out next summer to film these encounters even more than before so stay tuned..in the meantime enjoy this little bit of what I managed to capture on film.

Kayak fishing with Dolphins Army Bay NZ..

This session we head out for a kayak  fish and were quickly distracted by a huge pod of dolphins that were incredible playful while they were feeding..rods down and camera son myself and Mike spent the next hour following them, filming and just enjoying the experience…as is often the case the appeared to play with us coming right under and alongside the kayaks for a closer look,,…

Video footage of the dolphins form this session

Images from this session

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Kayak Surfing with Dolphins Hot Water Beach

Dolphins (2)

This experience is one that I will remember forever, I head out for a surf in my fishing kayak at Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel, NZ. There were a good 25-30 surfers also out enjoying some xmas holiday surf, as I was paddling out through a set I was confronted by 5 dolphins surfing down the face of the wave directly at me…I had committed to go over the wave so just kept going waiting for the head on collision with at least 2 -3 of them as they were directly off my bow. They just peel left and right looking straight at me! that was the beginning of the next 2hrs watching these beautiful agile creatures surfing on the waves among the surfers, often riding next to then on a wave before showing each of the surfers how it was done..the atmosphere was surreal and everyone of us had an uplifting experience that day..fortunately I had a camera to capture at lease some of this action from behind the sets.

Video from this session


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