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Kayaks & Crayfish | Trip report Waikawau Bay Coromandel NZ

The Coromandel region is well known for holding a good crayfish, this session myself, Jo & Mike head to the top region of the Coromandel peninsula to a place called Waikawau Bay..The agenda : get in the kayaks and find Crayfish! well actually this was mine and Mikes first weekend away from home life so crayfish or not it was going to be great to just have a sleep in for a couple of days. We rented a remote place on the estuary through Holiday homes, and for launching kayaks we could not have picked it better..we simply walked up the estuary out to the mouth and launched then paddled back up the estuary at high tide. Using the C-Tug trolleys with sidewinders to help get the loaded kayaks through the mud.

Kayaks & Crayfish060 Kayaks & Crayfish063 Kayaks & Crayfish052 Kayaks & Crayfish029 Kayaks & Crayfish031

This is my first time up here at this end of the Coromandel, as per most of the peninsula the commercial cray pots were everywhere, which was a true sign we are going to have to work to find the crays. on day one both myself and Jo free-dived for crays and a got 2 crays which were enjoyed on the fire that night..the next day Jo loaded his scuba gear into the Viking Profish 400 to see if he could have more luck that way while I free-dived around him.  This time again we only catch a couple of crays, something to take home at least…As always in the Coromandel the scenery above and below the water is truly spectacular so we will be back.   I had planned to have a series of still shots and video sequence showing how to get in and out of the kayaks using scuba gear, however my GoPro was being flaky and did not film a number of sequences that would have been very useful to those looking to use kayaks for scuba… we will just have to go back and do it again 🙂

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