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Paddle Guy Trip report, kayak fishing Bland Bay with Team KFDU

This weekend is the final leg of a 4 part  kayak fishing competition run by Orton Events.  This session is the Auckland -Northland sector called Bridge to Cape  sponsored by Kayak Pro Whangarie.  I headed off from home at 3am to join the boys from team KFDU at Bland Bay, Northland for a day out chasing winter snapper. Rob and Buj from Kayak Fishing Downunder (KFDU) , who have flown over from NSW to fish this comp and spend time fishing various parts of the North Island. The boys have set up camp on the beachfront campground giving them instant access to some of Northlands finest kayak fishing grounds… the boys had been out landing thier first ever trout the days prior with Shamus from Kayak Pro…which has been a fantastic intro to Kayak fishing in NZ.

I have only fished Bland Bay a couple of times and both with a local and with some great success, so the best I could do to put the lads from Team KFDU was to try and replicate these sessions. Using the sounders one the way out to where I intended to set the berley we kept an eye out for any sign of snapper… plenty of bait fish around and some schools of small snapper so we carried on around to home point.  On the way out enjoying the stunning sunrise we passed around 10 other kayaks out trying to land the big ones…

With the berley set in about 20m of water we drifted in and around the berley ..lots of small fish around and we all got busted off or reefed by a some bigger fish… the Barracuda turned up and spoiled the party a bit, Buj was happy to land his first Barracuda but was less happy to put his hand near it to get his rig back! wise choice…a long handled gaff and long nose pliers soon took care of that. With that the wind picked up cuasing us to retreat to shelter and try our luck in closer. This gave us some time to explore the local caves and gets some great pics for the guys to take home…I even had a couple of whales pass by as i was re tying some leader to my rig…just got the camera on as they went under again .

Try as we may the only fish boated were smaller 30cm snapper, the tide which is not the most ideal for big snapper in the winter… that said the guys had a great time just being on the water and enjoying some of what the NZ coastline has to offer kayakers. we retreated back to home base for the day around 2pm.. after a 2.5 hour drive & 7 hours in the kayak I welcomed the chance to stand up!  I had to head back home so hit the road after 3pm but the guys where set up camp for one more night and one more try at fishing in the morning if the weather permitted.. enjoy some of the images from the day and a few from the lads trout fishing success with Shamus from Kayak Pro earlier in the week




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