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Home Product reviews Pinnacle Elite Kayak Fishing Ski Test Paddle

Pinnacle Elite Kayak Fishing Ski Test Paddle

I just paddle the Pinnacle Elite Fishing ski as part of a review, this is a quick summary of my first up impression which I will elaborate in a full review once I have finished with the Ski this weekend (expect the post mid week next week)

Paddle Guy Kayak Review  | Pinnacle Elite Kayak Fishing Ski

  • Kayak : Pinnacle Elite
  • Manufacturer :  Pinnacle Fishing Skis South Africa
  • Specs : Length – 4.8m   Width – 68cm   Weight – 28kg
  • Material : Fiber glass
  • Target Market : Kayak Fishing, Ocean

Firstly I must thank the owner of this Ski, Bryce, for lending it to me. Bryce has only just received it into the country after a long wait so to let it go for another week is a big ask.  First impressions seeing the ski on the internet I put it in the “its just like a Stealth” basket… then upon seeing it in the flesh the first thing that struck me was how different the hull and bow are to any of the Stealth Fishing skis I have seen. Whilst the deck layout has similarities and reflects the style of fishing done in SA the “V”shaped hull and sharp bow are quite different and peaked my interest immediately, if I was not excited to paddle it before I sure was after seeing those 2 design features alone.

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Heading out

I will cover the deck layout and fishing capabilities next review, here I will talk bout the hull and general performance after a first paddle out at Stanmore Bay in a 10-15knot onshore chop.  You will see reflected in the video above the Pinnacle handled these conditions with ease, the bow shaped punched through  short chop easily and got up to speed pretty quick allowing me to clear the beach zone in a few  forward power strokes. The “V” hull makes for a very quiet rid in the chop compared to the hull slap of the Stealth I trialed recently which has a flat hull, the deep “V” combined with the skeg style rudder made it an easy to control and keep on course with little need of the rudder peddles.

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Running with the swell

Again the “V” hull, rudder and sharp upturned bow allowed for easy control paddling with the waves back to the beach, picking up a run on a wave was pretty easy in these conditions and I imagine as the swell increases the performance just gets better and the rides faster!…The slight disadvantage of  a “V” hull when, like me, you have been used to flat or bilge hulls,  it’s not as easy to maneuver without railing higher and harder to get it on an edge for less friction and ease of turning. Nothing more time in the Ski cant remedy, I look forward to putting this element to the test in some calmer water. I can see this hull will be an advantage in crosswinds as the kayak will stick in the water better.

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Seating and Stability

As per a surf ski the seat position is low and the legs are in full contact with the deck giving better comfort and control (as a result of greater contact)..I personally like this seating position over many of the higher SoT fishing kayaks, its a wetter ride but all elements of sitting lower and being in contact make for a more enjoyable ride in regards to stability and control. A couple of negatives for me are the fact of no scupper holes or venturi in the foot wells for drainage, this meant that from the moment I took on a wave I have some 6-10 ltrs of water in the cockpit weighing me down and filling my paddle boots.

The other little bug for me was the foot peddle rudder controls did not adjust automatically when sliding the foot peddle in the track, to get the cables to tension in the new position you are required to take a small Allen key for the job…which I do not carry so had to leave the peddles as Bryce had them set. One could argue that once you have it set for yourself it should not need adjusting, I am just used to having the ability to make a tool-less adjustment of the foot peddles and cables when needed.

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In summary after this paddle I am excited to paddle it again as it was very much enjoyable, the little complaints were outweighed by the comfort and performance of this paddle session. Things I am looking to asses further  in the next paddle are,

  • hull speed, top and cruising speeds
  • how it performs as a fishing platform is regards to practicality,
  • whats its like to car top (weight and manageability),
  • its true weight (it feels heavier than 28kgs and I have a set of scales that will test that),
  • manufacturing quality of the material, design & layout of features
  • rudder performance in calmer waters
  • additions to it for fishing in NZ waters (sorry Bryce this may include a drill! )


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6 Responses

  1. Brett

    I really enjoy your reviews on kayaks. Please let me know when part two of your Pinnacle Elite is available for a read?


    Brett from Cape Town, South Africa

    • Hi Brett, thanks and i hope to have that one wrapped up soon.. I have all the footage and images just need a bit of spare time to put together a short video of it.

  2. Marius

    Hi Paddleguy, I am very interested in the build quality of this Ski. I have heard some stories of handles coming of and the hull being very thin.

    Don’t know if this has been sorted in the meantime. Would be great to see your point of view. When did Bryce order this Elite?

    I am in the market for a faster Ski as well and would love to see what the speed on this is. There is quite a couple of people in our fishing group eagerly awaiting the next review. Also can you test it in a head wind. Living in Cape Town we have to contend with wind a lot. My BFS just does not cut it.


    Marius, Cape Town, South Africa

  3. a local dealer (pro kayaks)is getting one in this w/end look forward to checking it out & hopefully getting a paddle will be interesting to compare to my Dorado 11

  4. Deon

    I own a Pinnacle Elite, the ski performs great in all conditions even bad weather that most kayakers would avoid. I have been modifying these skis by fitting my own custom made self drainers as well as cleats and cord adjusters to the pedals for easy adjustment . Build quality is good but the finishing needs to be looked at
    As a fishing platform its definitely the most stable fibreglass ski out there, you never need to think about balance just catching fish.

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