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Home Trip reports Kayak Fishing Snapper on hard body lures in the shallows

Snapper on hard body lures in the shallows

Just got my new Barracuda Fish Pro back from the factory after putting some final additions…including the new season logos. Time to get it out on the water for a test paddle, I decided to troll the Rapala lure as per my last trip (see here) .. after setting off from the beach I had only paddled 200m across the front of the beach over the shallow reef when I hooked the first snapper for the night..see below footage of this hook up taken on my GoPro.

(Set up ready to launch at Stanmore Bay NZ)

This is my 2nd session in a row catching snapper by trolling a shallow water bibbed hard body Rapala lure… the tricks seems to be to vary my paddling speed, cruise, then slow, cruise then slow etc… the strikes seems to come as I pick up from slow to cruise speed. Paddling at consistent  speed seems to attract the Kahawai more than the snapper in my limited experience trolling bibbed hard body lures…this trip I landed a couple more snapper by trolling then when the light faded I switched to drifting fresh cuts of Kahawai over the reef which helped land a couple more fish worth taking home for a feed.. over the next few weeks I will head to some deeper reefs and  try some deeper diving hard body lures to see what they attract…this is a very fun way to fish as it keeps you constantly paddling and always alert to what might strike next.. be warned though as I can see it getting expensive if you lose too many lures to the reef when you troll too shallow!.. lost that nice little Rapala on my last troll!

(this snapper taken in 2m of water and only just hooked)

(another smaller snapper well hooked, again landed by trolling over a 2m deep reef )

(My new Barracuda  Fish Pro has passed its initiation into catching Fish)


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  1. Shelley Bradish-Cooney

    I think you have put together a great post/blog. I really like the new look Barracuda. Varying the trolling speed is a good observation.

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