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Spring is near, kayak fishing trolling bibbed hard bodies, Lively Lures


Spring is close and today was a stunner of a morning..to good to resist a quick paddle out in my sea kayak before work (had a late start 😉 .. I took this opportunity to troll some my new Bibbed hard body( Lively Lures)  for snapper over the shallows.. this would be my first trial trolling bibed lures for snapper, I have seen them do it in AU with success and read reports  from Stephen Tapp successfully hooking snapper using these bass & barra style bibbed lure. I chose one with a 4m deep bib  for trolling over the sand edge of the reef and another shallow diver (1-2m deep bib)  for trolling directly over the shallow weed .   The water was crystal clear making this as good a trial as any and the Lively Lures I have are bright with some silver that is sure to reflect/shimmer of the bright sun.

After setting my 12 hook longline (using fresh kahawai for bait) if set off trolling the 4 m diver, several passes over and near the weed saw a small kahawai hook up which went straight in the insulated fish bag destined for the smoker… set off trolling again but no more strikes so I switched to the shallow diver and passed directly over the weed following my path.. after about 10-15 Min’s of this I got one hit which I thought was weed…much to my surprise it was a snapper! so you can imagine that convinced me I was on a run….

25mins later no luck and work was calling so I headed to collect the longline which had a couple of nice snapper also. Not a bad haul for a mornings paddle, 3 snapper and 1 kahawai… and a great day to be on the water..looking forward to more Spring days like this soon..


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