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TGI Kayak Friday…

After a long weeks work, some look forward to socializing in bars, some head out to restaurants, some go to the gym…the list goes on..my TGI Friday fix is heading out for a kayak some where, anywhere!  One of my favourites would have to be a quick kayak fish at change of light here at my local beach, Stanmore Bay NZ.. after the kids are put to bed and I have caught up with my wife I grab a kayak, some fishing gear  (whatever is at easiest reach) and stroll on down to the beach with all secured to the C-Tug trolley ..then spend the next 2-3 hours cruising around looking for snapper in the shallows.

This Friday I did just that, hit the water around 7pm and back home by 9.30pm with some nice snapper for the weekend (see image gallery below to see what yummy meals this offers us..truly rewarding!)  . Initially I tried trolling lures over the shallows which has been successful in the past (previous sessions HERE) .. nothing on the hard body lures so I spent some time drifting over the sand using soft plastics, again nothing.. so I switched to some fresh Kahawai ( I had purchased from the supermarket on the way home) ..BAM..straight into the fish..lots of small fish initially but as I drifted closer to the shallow reefs I started to pick up some bigger snapper…..watch the video above to see how the evening panned out.. Enjoy !




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