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Home Product reviews “The Stick” Greenland style paddle, my first trial

“The Stick” Greenland style paddle, my first trial

this is my quick report from  first time short paddle using  a Greenland style paddle..aka “the stick” … after the first 10 minutes using this paddle my preconceived ideas were quickly erased ..who would have thought a “stick” would work so well!? whilst I have seen and heard about these paddles  I have not bothered t learn much about the what where and why behind these paddles… although this was only a short kayak trip I can say I was impressed, the paddle seemed to do all I needed it to do using my Beachcomber sea kayak… i will do some more research on these paddles and educate myself and in turn bring you more on these, perhaps I will even interview the guy who made this one… for now see this short video report from the first trial


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  1. This from Brian, thanks Mate

    “Dear Jason, Been following your blogs since December 2011 and have been enjoying the tips, advice, product reviews, and videos of surfing and fishing in New Zealand. I noticed that you mentioned the Greenland paddle today and I did some research myself. A great website that deals with a custom builder of the sticks is http://www.lumpypaddles.com/. He has a great guide on how to have your stick properly made based on your measurements and paddling style. Hope it helps you out a little for all of the guidance you have provided me. Thanks, Brian”

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