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Home Trip reports Kayak Surfing Viking Kayaks Profish 400 | Review part 1 Stanmore Bay

Viking Kayaks Profish 400 | Review part 1 Stanmore Bay




Welcome to my first sessions trialing the Viking Kayaks Profish 400..over the next couple of sessions I will put this kayak through its paces in environments I paddle an SoT kayak.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what this kayak is capable of.

First session I take advantage of some messy conditions here at my local Beach,  Stanmore Bay, NZ. With some short choppy swells and strong onshore winds this will be a good test to see how the Profish 400 paddles in what are common conditions to those living in the Auckland region.

The length of the kayak and shape of the hull lend themselves well to being easily handled in this environment..this is good as I do not have a rudder fitted to this kayak nor do I have thigh braces fitted for this session…To film the session I have my GoPro cameras, one on  my head and the other mounted to the Boom 150 from Railblaza which can be repositioned around the kayaks various StarPort mounts.

Words can only do so much,,,watch the video for yourself  to see how the Profish 400 handled this session

My thoughts after this session are that it is a comfortable kayak to paddle and handle in these conditions, the low seat position offers greater stability, the hull speed is excellent for a 4m SoT kayak..the bow does bury a little in these conditions but quickly recovers and the raised area before the foot wells displaces the water very well (obviously your going to get wet in conditions like these but once through the surf zone the kayak was quite dry as a result of this design feature) .  the lower profile bow and deck was an advantage in these strong winds.

Even with no thigh braces I was able to lean the kayak on its edge,  when sideways on a wave, without felling like I was going to tip out. the Initial and secondary stability are both excellent. surprisingly the centre storage did not take on water (has no seal other than the bungy loops)  even though the cockpit was often full of water when a wave dumped on it..

The ProFish 400 is a lightweight rotomoulded kayak, the weight makes a real difference when the cockpit was full of water after a wave dumping on the deck, I was able the keep forward momentum which drains the water out the scuppers..other heavier craft, when bogged down with a cockpit full of water, will stall leaving you vulnerable to more waves.

All round I thoroughly enjoyed my first paddle in the Viking Kayaks ProFish 400..I have a couple more trips planned in it to see how it stacks up in other applications…Fishing, free diving and some bigger surf launches…keep in touch to see these reports as I upload them. If you want to know more about the Viking Profish 400 get in touch with the guys at www.vikingkayaks.com

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